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Body Treatments

Body Scrub 30 minutes Rp 160.000  PROMO: Rp 100.000

This treatment exfoliates dead surface skin, cleanses the pores and promotes relaxation.
Choice of Scrubs include:  Traditional Lulur, Boreh, Green Tea, Honey Seed or Salt

Boreh: a unique Balinese mixture of temu lawak from the turmeric family adding black rice, clove & other spices.

Green Tea: using green tea, green bean, rice powder and essential oils of cempaka and frangipani.

Sunburn Treatment 30 minutes Rp 160.000  PROMO: Rp 100.000

This treatment uses blended fresh aloe vera and cucumber.

Ratus Wangi 30 minutes Rp 315.000  PROMO: Rp 200.000

Ratus or fogging is a special cleansing treatment for women. Herbs and spices using a smoking method are directed into women's private area.

Beauty Treatments
Enjoy special potions of skin healers, softeners and moisturizers.
Natural Indonesian Facial 60 minutes Rp 275.000  PROMO: Rp 150.000
Deeply cleansing the skin by exfoliating the outer layer of dead skin
Balinese Traditional Facial 60 minutes  Rp 360.000  PROMO: Rp 200.000
Principal ingredients are honey and cucumber.
Natural Hair Spa 60 minutes Rp 245.000  PROMO: Rp 150.000

Traditional hair treatment begins with a hair wash followed by head and scalp massage using natural ingredients such as aloe vera and avocado.
Then the hair is wrapped in a towel and finally rinsed off, the hair is smoked with perfumed incense as it dries.

Cream Bath 60 minutes Rp  185.000  PROMO: Rp 100.000

A divine head massage with choice of aloe vera, carrot, or ginseng cream for healthy hair and scalp.

Manicure or Pedicure 60 minutes French:             Rp 215.000 PROMO: Rp 150.000
with polish:      Rp 175.000 PROMO: Rp 100.000
without polish: Rp 145.000 PROMO: Rp   80.000
Manicure and Pedicure 2 hours Rp 345.000  PROMO: Rp 250.000

Our manicure or pedicure includes nail trimming and cuticle treatment. Application of polish or flower design if you wish.

Hair Cut Rp 275.000  PROMO: Rp 150.000