Photo Gallery of Cafe Wayan
Cafe Wayan in 1994  Bapak Ketut and Ibu Wayan
Outside Café Wayan
Ibu Wayan and daughter Kadek at the original warung 1980
Daughter Metri, Ibu, Bapak, sister Nyoman
Cafe Wayan Garden
Cafe Wayan's  first sign in 1986
walk through the garden to find more pavillons
 Cafe Wayan Curry
Bali Spices
Balinese Sate Lilit
Balinese Chicken Salad
Our Balinese Rijstafel
Balinese Desserts include sweet Kelepon and Black Rice Pudding
Peaceful in the Garden
Selections from our Bakery
Fresh Baked Breads
Casual seating at entrance to Cafe Wayan
Private garden dining at Cafe Wayan
Nasi Campur Cafe Wayan
a relaxing lunch
Traditional Rindik Musicians
We are also happy to cater to groups and special functions
Evening in the garden
Tranquil evening to enjoy dinner
Our garden lanterns
Welcome and Selamat Makan!
Ibu and Bapak Ketut
Celebrating 29 years of Café Wayan
Re-creating the original warung from 1986
Best wishes for more years to come... Selamat!
At our new Cooking Class Space
Designed as a traditional compound
Have fun learning about our Food
Selamat Makan!