Cultural Workshops and Classes
at our sister restaurant Laka Leke

Enjoy an interactive learning experience to understand more of the artistic culture of Bali.

Balinese Dance Class 2 hours Rp 250,000

Learn the basic movements of body postures and eye expressions in the art of the Balinese Pendet welcome dance.
Learn other children dances such as the rabbit, deer or butterfly dance.

Gamelan Gong or Bamboo Gamelan Class 2 hours Rp 250,000

Learn about the techniques and how to play a basic melody.
Choose from the metal gong or bamboo instruments.

Above cost per person with min. 2 participants.

Extra participants can share the total cost of Rp 500,000 for a private workshop.


Join-in Workshops:
Daily for up to 2 hours between 11am-4pm.


Cost Rp 80,000 per person.  Includes a Balinese snack.

For private sessions, please enquire.

Balinese Painting on Paper

Paint your own expressions or have fun coloring prepared traditional scenes.

Egg Painting

Even an egg becomes a beautiful canvas of art to take home with you.

Balinese Kite Painting

Your colorful designs can also fly up on a Balinese kite!

Wood Carving Workshop

From a simple frame to carving your favorite animals or characters.

Membuat Anyaman- the uses of palm leaves

Have fun making hats, mats or baskets.

Balinese Offerings

Learn how these beautiful offerings are made- the daily art of Balinese women


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