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Mount Agung Update:

view of Mt. Agung from Ubud on a clear day.

10 February 2018:

The alert status of Mt. Agung has been reduced to Level 3 (Caution Level)  and restricted area has been reduced to 4km radius from 10km previously. 
Mt. Agung is located 35km to the Northeast of Ubud. There is no imminent danger to areas outside of the 4 km restricted radius.

Alam Gili:
Boats to the Gilis are operating as normal. 
For updates on boat travel to the Gilis, see: 
Blue Water Express:    or 

Life in Ubud continues as normal and we hope that Gunung Agung will continue to rest peacefully. Our hearts go out to all those from Northeast Bali who still cannot be in their own homes. Ongoing assistance continues to those evacuees. There have been many conflicting reports in the media but the following links to groups in Ubud providing assistance to the relief efforts are doing their best to provide continued news and advisories:

Outreach and human spirit coming together:  


Please make reservations for Alam properties via direct email:    or via

Indonesia has given approval for more nationalities to be granted VISA-FREE Arrival.


January 2018:

Celebrating 23 Years of Alam Indah Hotels with staff and guests.
Feeling blessed by Ibu Wayan and Bapak Ketut Mangku for creating this space.

Cafe Wayan celebrated 30 years on 21 June, 2016!
See Cafe Wayan's Facebook for photos of the celebration.

Join our staff for a Cooking Class in our beautiful gardens...
Designed as a traditional compound, enjoy learning about our Food with us here!
See more: Café Wayan Cooking Classes

Getting Ready for our Thursday evening Childrens and Joged Dance @ Laka Leke!
For complete dance schedule, see more on our Activities Page

July 2015 :
We recently celebrated our Galungan festival in Bali when the roads are lined with the bamboo penjor poles to welcome the gods and ancestors to our family temples. We send blessings to all from Bali.

June 2015 :
Cafe Wayan celebrated 29th Birthday on 21 June!
Ibu Wayan and Bapak Ketut cutting the cake for the staff and family celebration. We re-created a traditional Warung ( Foodstall) remembering how Cafe Wayan started back in 1986!

We also had a blessing for a New COOKING CLASS SPACE which is being developed back in the gardens of Café Wayan. This new venue is being designed as a traditional Balinese home. More Updates to come!

June has also been a month welcoming special groups.

Alam Jiwa enjoyed having VegVoyages Group from 10-13 June.
Celebrating Food with us, we all enjoyed a Festive Evening with Balinese dance including our own Tami from Alam Indah who was born to dance!

Carole Baillargeon Group from Darwin Yoga Space at Alam Indah from 05-12 June.
Always a pleasure to have Carole and her students at Alam Indah and we look forward to welcoming Carole back next year for her 20th stay with us!

April 2015 :
On 24 April we enjoyed an outing to see the Bali Starlings on Nusa Penida offshore Bali. Our staff contributed to another Bali Starling Nest Box for FNPF - Friends of National Parks Foundation which has been very successful in breeding these beautiful and nearly extinct birds.

Thanks to FNPF's breeding project, more than 80 Bali Starlings have been released into the wild. We love to see these birds flying free ! Learn more about the work of FNPF including their Wildlife Rescue Center in Tabanan, Bali :

March 2015:  
Nyepi- Our Bali New Year and Day of Silence was on 21 March this year.

Each year on the Dark Moon of March, Bali celebrates its New Year. This is the day when no one is permitted out on the roads. Absolutely no traffic is allowed and the airport is closed. The days leading to  Nyepi is a time of purification. Sacred temple objects are brought to the sea in procession to be cleansed and in the villages, huge demonic effiges called Ogoh Ogoh are created. 
The night before Nyepi turns into a wild and fun procession with the Ogoh-Ogoh's casting off bad spirits. The next day, Nyepi Day, is a day of complete silence.    It is believed with the empty roads and silence. the banished spirits are not tempted to come back. Traditionally no one works and no lights are turned on. It’s a wonderful day to simply stop and renew.
Alam Indah guests pre-order a Nyepi food box and enjoy a peaceful day of quiet where you can open your hearts to the sound of nature. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the whole world could also stop and simply be in peace for one day each year. 
Nyepi in 2016 will be on 09 March which will coincide with a Partial Solar Eclipse seen from Bali:


January 2015:
We hope you have enjoyed a joyful Holiday Season.
This January, Alam Indah celebrated 20 years!
We feel so thankful to all our guests who have come to stay with us over the years.
Since the beginnings of Cafe Wayan in 1986, it continues to be our joy to offer guests
an experience which reflects the beautiful nature of Bali.
From all of us at Alam Indah, Alam Jiwa, Alam Shanti, Kebun Indah and Cafe Wayan:
We wish you all Happiness, Health and Peace for 2015!

Our 20th Anniversary celebration!


Galungan Ceremony in Bali: 
30 May-09 June, 2018

Hari Raya Galungan is a 10-day period is when the ancestors and gods descend to visit family temples. Decorated bamboo poles called penjor, decorated with woven coconut leaves and flowers are put up in front of each home gate which offers a beautiful welcome along the roads.
Hari Raya Kuningan is 10 days later on 11 November with a closing ritual honoring ancestral spirits.

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival
a yearly event
2018 Dates: 24 Oct - 28 October

More on:

and check out a
Food Festival in Ubud
honoring local and Asian cuisines
2018 Dates: 13-15 April


17 March 2018:

NYEPI Bali New Year and
Day of Silence

The days leading to Nyepi are busy with purification ceremonies all over Bali. The evening prior is full of fun with the procession of Ogoh Ogoh's!
A special time to be in Bali...